For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.


To Be WHOLE is the goal…in the Name of Jesus!

We are committed to leading people to WHOLEness in the name of Jesus from Georgia Avenue to across the globe.

Well Physically 

Throughout the Gospels in addition to healing people spiritually, Jesus’ healed people physically. Physical wellness is key to spiritual greatness.

Healed Emotionally 

Critical to Jesus’ mission was that people be clothed and in their right minds. Peace of mind is a gift from God and a precious treasure we value.

Obedient Spiritually

Our Lord’s desire is for us to walk in relationship with Jesus. As we do so we are drawn closer to God and gain wisdom for handling the trials of everyday life. We seek to help people live spiritually obedient lives through worship, small groups and bible studies.

Loved Unconditionally 

Everybody deserves and desires to be loved. Love is the crucial ingredient to Christian character. If you want to know what love is, it would be our honor to show you.

Empowered Financially

Jesus viewed money as a tool to accomplish God-given goals. A healthy approach to money grants peace of mind, body and soul. The proper use of money can bless multitudes.