Managing Your Money God’s Way

Did you know there are over 2,350 verses in the Bible about money? Did you know that nearly half of Jesus’ parables are about possessions? The Bible is packed with wise counsel about your financial life. In fact, Jesus had more to say about money than about heaven and hell combined. Join us for a four-week workshop developed by Crown Financial and Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Ministries to study and begin working out your biblical financial management in a small group setting. In addition to engaging with Emory’s own Crown Financial facilitators, you will hear from five renowned experts on the following topics:
  • The Big Picture by Rick Warren
  • Dedicate It All to God by Chip Ingram
  • Plan Your Spending by Ron Blue
  • Giving as an Act of Worship by Chip Ingram
  • Saving and Investing by Ron Blue
  • God’s Solution to Debt by Howard Dayton
  • Enjoy What God Has Given You by Chuck Bentley
If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please contact us.