REAL Groups


What is a REAL Group?

Get Involved in A Small Group And Prepare to Be Blessed!

  REAL Groups are Relevant, Enthusiastic, Authentic and Loving connections with Jesus and one another. At Emory, we believe our Christian faith is personal, but not private. Christian faith has always been communal, lived out in a community with other followers of Jesus.  Joining a small group encourages fellowship, spiritual foundation and reinforcement of walking the Christian walk. At Emory, REAL Groups come in many shapes, sizes and formats and include members and non-members. Some meet weekly, others meet monthly and still others somewhere in between. Some meet in homes, some meet in restaurants, others meet in bookstores. Here are some of the groups we offer: Life-stage groups (e.g., youth, young adult, men, women, couples, singles, etc.)
  • Short-term groups formed around a particular sermon series or topic
  • Deep Water Wednesday group – open to all
  • Church-wide studies
To find a REAL Group that fits you, click here and drop a note to the REAL Group leader listed.  Questions?  Contact Carolyn Anderson.