Lifestyle Stewardship

LSSC-banner Experience the love and grace of God more deeply by entering into a season of Lifestyle Stewardship. Download a Lifestyle Stewardship Brochure. Watch the video of Pastor Daniels and Lifestyle Stewardship Capital Campaign leaders explaining the purpose and foundation of the campaign.


What are the spiritual goals of the Lifestyle Stewardship Capital Campaign?

The spiritual goals of the Lifestyle Stewardship Campaign are:
  • To forge a deeper relationship with Jesus as we seek God’s guidance in making a commitment to support God’s vision for The Emory Fellowship.
  • To expand God’s influence and share His love through assessing our lifestyle, re-ordering our priorities and re-allocating our financial resources.
  • In offering our best to God, we will be able to carry out God’s vision to reach others for Jesus and have the resources necessary to complete The Beacon Center.

How can I benefit from the Lifestyle Stewardship Capital Campaign?

Spiritual and financial blessings are in store! You will form a closer relationship with God and better management of your finances.  Emory will be able to build a new edifice for worship, teaching, and gathering.  

What is sacrificial giving?

Sacrificial giving requires a measure of stewardship above and beyond your regular giving, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Sacrificial giving costs the giver something.  

How will I know how much to give? What kind of commitment will I be asked to make?

Allow God to speak to your heart through prayer and reading His Word. Consider the Lifestyle Stewardship Bible Lessons and the revelation received from them. Using the theme, “See the Vision, Live the Mission”, every family is being asked to prayerfully allow God to direct your giving to reflect what He can do through you for the next three years. This commitment is over and above your regular tithes and offerings. Although we all will not give the same amount, we can all make the same sacrifice. The principle is “not equal giving, but equal sacrifice.”  Children, teens and adults can all practice Lifestyle Stewardship. 100% participation is the goal. Remember, your giving is to reflect the power of God! STEPS-to-LSSC

When will we make our commitments and when do we start contributing?

We will make our commitments during a Commitment Celebration on Sunday, October 6.  The following Sunday, October 13, First Fruits Sunday, will be the first contribution. For those of you who missed those events, we are doing a second Commitment on Sunday, November 17.  

How long will we being contributing?

Contributions will be over a 3 year period.  

Will I be expected to announce my commitment publicly?

No.  Individual commitments are private and confidential.  

How will I make my contributions?

You will be able to make your contributions in a variety of ways depending on your preference.  There will be special envelopes as well as electronic giving through the Secure Give app. You can also set-up pre-authorized payments through your bank with online banking.  

What about the economy?

The Bible says the just walk by faith.  Without faith, it is impossible to please God. There has never been a better time to please God by walking by faith than now, even in the face of a struggling economy.  We must remember that the economy is struggling, not God.  This is a God move, not an economic move.