Bridges of Hope

Bridges that Give Hand Ups, Not Hand-Outs
If our neighbors aren’t eventually lifted out of hunger, addiction, disease and poverty, we haven’t accomplished the task God has put before us. To give people a hand up in the name of Jesus means that we have to build relationships and expect God to show up. Our neighbors are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the ministry. This not only demonstrates we value them, it also provides them an opportunity to discover and use their God-given gifts and talents and allows us to be enriched by their presence. For example, at the Garden of Hope Dinner Theater, we ask one of our neighbors to read a passage of scripture and say prayer to bless the food. Another might offer an act. Still another might organize the shuttle. Others serve as users, communion stewards, small group leaders, etc. Eventually, those who have been served and transformed, become a blessing to others in need of transformation.  As of 2010, we have 20 active homeless or transitional volunteers and 50 others. The Garden of Hope Dinner Theatre is only one of the many bridges to hope. There are many new things in the works. What gift or connections has God given you that might join with others to create a bridge of hope? Bridges that Nourish the Body & Soul  Our “worship first” approach means that if you want to eat at the Garden of Hope, you need a ticket. Tickets are free and available after each worship service to anyone that would like to join us for dinner and entertainment. We have served as many as 120 persons at a time and are seeking to increase the number of neighbors reached by removing the transportation obstacle. We run shuttles from area shelters to Emory so that more might worship, eat and/or participate in learning and fellowship activities. We are especially in need of organizers, drivers, entertainers and mentors. Contact us at to learn more or to volunteer.