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Current Message Series: Healing Heartbreak

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Our 9-Part Fall Series 
Sunday, September 10th to Sunday, November 5th, 2023

God has given Emory a vision and mission of offering people a WHOLE life, from Georgia Avenue to across the globe. For people are —  in this divided, often violent and antagonistic world — in search of personal and communal healing.  The hardships that confront many have left us broken-hearted — sometimes personally, or in community, and across the globe.  From families breaking apart, to violence in the streets, to storms of all kinds, global war and so much more, heartbreak is real.

Jesus did not die and rise again for the redeemed of the world to sit around and just say “wow,” after every broken-hearted situation crosses our smartphone, social media platform or television screen.  Or to become numb to the heartbreak around us.  Jesus calls us into people’s homes, communities, yes into other nations, races, ethnicities and cultures as those sent on a mission to heal heartbreak.  Yes, we must deal with our own heartbreak, but as we do, we must go out to bring healing to hurting communities and the world.  

Journey with us on this 9-week series as a brother named Nehemiah reveals to us how God uses us to heal heartbreak!

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