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Lenten Message Series: Do You See What I See?

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2024 Lenten Sermon Series focusing on Jesus and the Woman at the Well
Sunday, February 18, 2024 to Sunday, March 17, 2024

As we learn lessons from the gospel of John this year, and as we approach the sacred season of Lent — a time of introspection, penitence, forgiveness, and gratitude for the deep expression of love and forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ — we find ourselves at the popular story of the woman at the well.  So often, when we look at this story, we focus on the woman and label her in shameful ways and celebrate the fact that Jesus saved her from a shameful life.  But if we take a deeper, different look at Jesus and his encounter with this Samaritan woman, we just might find another story — the story of a classy woman simply looking for more in life, who stumbles across Jesus, who alone can provide her and her community all they’ve been looking for.  

The story begs us to ask the question that Jesus is no doubt asking us, “Do You See What I See?”  Join us in this Lenten journey as we seek to see and live out the lessons Jesus provides for us to live a WHOLE life for ourselves and with others.  

A Note From Pastor Daniels

I pray that God is blessing you real good as we live into 2024!

On behalf of Pastor Milton and our leadership team, I am inviting you to join us this year on an 11-month journey with Jesus -- in worship and study -- through the gospel of John.  2024 is such a pivotal year in our world in so many ways, and with the times we find ourselves in, it is even more vital that we, as our ancestors used to say, "keep our minds staid on Jesus."

To that end, we will be taking a deep dive into the gospel of John, through our Sunday worship experiences and on Wednesdays, in our 12 noon and 7 pm. bible study offerings.  We hope that the gospel of John will also find itself in conversations in various small group gatherings in our Emory community.  

Of all the gospels, John makes Jesus very personal to us.  We discover intimately who Jesus is, and how much Jesus loves us!  In John, we are continuously informed and inspired by the promises and assurances Jesus makes to us.  Furthermore, we are invited to believe and trust in Him, walking by faith in the light of life He provides -- light that not even the darkness can get rid of.  

In these often contentious, divisive and combative times, we need Jesus.  We need to live by His example, with a love that will transform the world.  

We invite you to journey deeper with Jesus in 2024 --  keeping our minds staid on Jesus -- knowing that we are loved, and NOT condemned by the Savior of the World!

See you soon!  
-- Pastor Daniels

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